Bringing Light

to Life

Through The Magic

of Theatre

". . .Shore’s performance was a true success thanks to his overall communication skills both sung as well as spoken; for his evident and exuberant audience appreciation and the sharing of hope throughout his concert verbally as well as musically. . . This blossoming tenor in his early twenties who shared such a command of his vocals today with such ease makes this listener want to hear even more!"

- Ellen Nordstrom, NH Soundings.com

Growing up in New Hampshire, Tyler was raised by his Mom, his Brother and his Grandmother.

While Mom went to work teaching grammar to 5th graders, Tyler would stay home with his Grandma and sing along to videos of the Backstreet Boys, Disney Movies, and everything he could get his hands on.

Cassette tapes from goodwill and old VHS tapes were his first forms of music education.  Not only were those tapes his first introduction to music, they were the only forms accessible.

When in High School, Tyler knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life bringing the joy of live music and theatre to as many people as possible.   Seeing his brother perform in school plays allowed him to escape, and dream of a brighter, better future.  Tyler hopes to give that hope and joy to as many people as he can.

Tyler is passionate about arts accessibility, and seeks to elevate a diverse set of voices in all of the projects he involves himself in.  He is also passionate about equitable, safe, and inclusive practices in all of his work, and hopes to spread these ideologies wherever he works.

Tyler has been instructed by Claire Warden in the IDI "5-Pillars", and seeks to uphold them in all spaces.


Besides being a singer and an actor, Tyler is also a writer, a photographer, and also, a teacher.   In an effort to work towards his goals of increasing arts accessibility, Tyler Has joined the Voice Faculty at the Concord Community Music School, where he teaches online voice lessons.

When he was growing up, Tyler had no local or affordable options for acting instruction until he went to college. 

In an additional effort to bring greater accessibility into acting training, Tyler founded his LLC,

Shore Studios, to help educate a new diverse generation of young theatre artists who would not be able to access in-person lessons.